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Scion FR-S to become Toyota 86

Published on April 19 2016

The result of the Toyota-Subaru collaboration has been known as the Subaru BRZ, the Scion FR-S in North America and the Toyota 86 everywhere else in the world. However in February, Toyota announced that their youth-oriented sub-brand Scion would be discontinued, marking the end of the road for certain models such as the tC and the iQ and merging some of the more successful models into the Toyota alignment, including the FR-S.

New Name, Updated Look

The love-child sport coupe benefited from the best both manufacturers had to offer when it was first introduced in 2012. With its head-turning styling, boxer engine and rear-wheel drive layout, the BRZ/FR-S shed light on the wilder side of the two, more casual Japanese giants. Shortly after the announcement that 2016 would see the end of a 10-year run for Scion, Toyota confirmed that the FR-S would see a new generation. In the meantime, the rebranded FR-S  will officially take on its global nomenclature of Toyota 86 and will welcome the change with a modernized look. A first peek at what the 2017 edition will have in store has been unveiled at the New York auto show. The 86 will receive an upgraded design with curvier lines, a restyled grille, a plunging hood line, enhanced side wings arches and a new set of wheels.

On the inside, the 86 will receive new materials and trims as well as an upgraded dashboard.  What the enthusiasts will be most excited about are the change bound to happen under the sheet metal. The new 86 will keep its 2.0L, four-cylinder powertain, but will gain five horsepower to reach a total of 205hp. The six-speed manual transmission will also be upgraded to offer a new ratio that will improve the coupe’s performance. The shocks and suspensions will be tuned as well for a better overall handling.

Aggressive Styling

The new 2017 Toyota 86 shared the stage with the C-HR Concept, Toyota’s upcoming player in the compact crossover segment. Originally branded Scion, the two-door crossover will head for production with a Toyota badge, sporting a futuristic and aggressive design. The concept was unveiled at the Quebec auto show with the slogan “Polarizing is okay, boring is not” and the C-HR is everything but boring. It shows Toyota’s engagement to further break away from their tamer image and offer more exciting products.

See you at Mendes Toyota and Scion where you can test drive a piece of history with the 2016 Scion FR-S, the last of its generation, or get in one of our latest 2016 products and experience Toyota’s Q-D-R (Quality-Durability-Reliability).

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